EU or USDA NOP Certified Organic Powders


Organic Demineralised Whey Powder 50-90%

Organic Lactose Powder

Organic Native Whey Powder

Organic Skim Milk Powder

Organic Whole Milk Powder

Organic Buttermilk Powder

Organic Whey Protein Concentrate 35%-80%

Organic Milk Protein Concentrate 42% - 80%

Organic Milk Casein Concentrate 85%


(MCC) is a highly soluble 85% protein product with a 90% casein protein 10% whey protein ratio OR a 95% casein 5% whey protein ratio available.


We have the ability to produce Low Lactose or Low Sodium on the above products.


Organic 82% unsalted Butter 25kg Blocks


Organic Cheese Powders

Large Range of Organic Cheese Powders, Please contact us for an up to date list.